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Plastic misconceptions

Mary Farrell - Friday, May 11, 2012

Recently, I came across a site that lists seven misconceptions about plastic recycling.  It was very interesting.  Cherub's Blanket supports a zero-waste office initative and personally, I do a lot of recycling.  I thought I was pretty informed on the options and process with plastics.  This article shored some things up for me.  Take for example, misconception # 5: Plastics recyclers pay to promote plastics’ recyclability.  I had no idea that virgin resin producers pay for the bulk of these ads.

Most such ads are placed by virgin plastic manufacturers whose goal is to promote plastic sales. These advertisements are aimed at removing or diminishing virgin plastic’s greatest challenge to market expansion: negative public conception of plastic as unrecyclable, environmentally harmful, and a major component of wastes that must be landfilled or burned.

The article was well worth a read.  Check out the full list here: