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More than just a sock company

Mary Farrell - Friday, March 09, 2012

Today, Maggie's Organics celebrated their 20th birthday.  I am so happy for them because they are such a great company.  Check out their mission:

To produce and provide comfortable, durable, affordable and beautiful articles of apparel and accessories made from materials that restore, sustain and enhance the resources, including human, from which they are made.

But, that's not all.  Their core values blow me away:

1. To provide a direct and vital link between the organic, sustainable agricultural community and the end user of these products. This connection should serve to educate and enlighten each player in the production chain of the interdependence we share in serving and promoting the health and general welfare of the planet upon which we live and the people who inhabit it.

2. To dedicate ourselves to serving each end of this production matrix with dignity, humility, respect and love.

3. To understand and value our place in the local and global community that we live in and serve. This commitment shall be demonstrated through participation and service to a greater good, whether it is on a local or global level.

4. To endeavor daily to create an exciting, creative, supportive workplace that serves first the needs of our customers, then the needs of our organization and finally the needs of each individual.

5. To dedicate ourselves to the work at hand, meeting each challenge with a collaborative spirit, an eager willingness and a sense of humor.

That's the kind of company I admire, emulate and want to have as a partner.  That's why we sell their socks : )