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A Letter of Thanks

Mary Farrell - Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Recently I was selling blankets at a market when a young teenage girl passed by my table.  She glanced over the products, and then gasped.  "That's my blanket!" she exclaimed.  She ran up with a huge smile.  "I have a blanket just like that from when I was a baby.  It's still in my room.  I use it as a pillow for camp and snuggle it whenever I'm sad."  I answered her excitement with joy of my own.  "I'm so happy to hear that and to meet you," I said.  Her mom came by and explained that she had purchased a baby blanket from Cherub's Blanket in 1999 for her daughter who is now a confident 8th grader.  This thirteen-year-old girl was one of my early customers!

This is why I do Cherub's Blanket, for the little child who is swaddled in love and grows up to treasure the memory.

You, the valued customer, mean so much to me and the other members of Cherub's Blanket.  You've expressed interest, supported us, and invested in memory-makers of your own.  We are so happy that our blankets mean so much to you.

To show our appreciation we are offering free shipping for all orders over $49.95 throughout the month of September.  Enter the code FREESHIP at checkout for the discount.  We're letting you know about this deal in time for the Labor Day weekend and for you the deal begins today!  We are so grateful for your support.

Thank you and have a good holiday!