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Seattle's Food Forest- just incredible

Mary Farrell - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little pastime of mine is imagining different ways to use urban land in more effectively, specifically in terms of producing more locally grown fruits and vegetables.  As I drive through Cleveland and past deserted inner-city lots, I wonder how great it would be to plant tomatoes for the neighborhood in that quarter-acre.   In the empty stretch of grass next to the rapid transit train, wouldn't it be nice to have a grove of apple trees that commuters could enjoy.  And, for many years, I've been trying to persuade my mom that it would be so cool to replant the front lawn with micro-greens that we could harvest the whole summer long.  (She still has not conceded to the idea, but I'll keep at it...) So, when I read this article on Seattle's Food Forest, I instantly loved the concept.   Read more...

Plastic misconceptions

Mary Farrell - Friday, May 11, 2012

Recently, I came across a site that lists seven misconceptions about plastic recycling.  It was very interesting.  Cherub's Blanket supports a zero-waste office initative and personally, I do a lot of recycling.  I thought I was pretty informed on the options and process with plastics.  This article shored some things up for me.  Take for example, misconception # 5: Plastics recyclers pay to promote plastics’ recyclability.  I had no idea that virgin resin producers pay for the bulk of these ads.  Read more...

Cherub's Blanket is now at Shaker Lakes Nature Center

Mary Farrell - Thursday, May 10, 2012

For all our local followers, need a last-minute gift for a new mom?  We have a wonderful display of baby blankets and baby items for sale at the Shaker Lakes Nature Center Duck Pond Gift Shop.  Read more...

Think Green, Think Cherub's Blanket- our newest video is out!

Mary Farrell - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We wanted to make short video to describe how we are committed to using sustainable products and practices in everything that we do:
-the use of organic fabrics and notions
-the use of recycled and recyclable packaging materials
-supporting office initiatives that reduce, reuse and recycle
-local sourcing of products and services
-supporting local, national and international groups that focus on organic initiatives and/or supporting children in need. Read more...